My Wife, and Myself, by Tomek Celarek.

My Wife, and Myself, by Tomek Celarek.

"You must find a way to earn a living doing something you love"

Claudette Montero and I met on a little train in Switzerland, on the way into the alps one day towards the end of 2012; she was on a holiday, I was on one of those 'I need to work out who I am' missions. Claudette is also a photographer, a very fine one at that, and at the end of the day spent gazing over unconquerable snowy peaks, she left me with the comment above. Claudette is now part of the reason I am here, and I will never forget her. 

The rest of the reason goes something like this - 

Here's what I think.. The world, the life within it, the life created by it, everything we see around us, everything we hear, touch and taste - is you; it's me, it's the next person we meet, it's the person sitting next to us on the train.. It's even the homeless person most of us try to avoid in the park. 

We have the privilege of being able to create an extraordinary artwork styled by happiness, sadness, religion, nature, love and family.. And I feel as though it's our destiny to do this.

I was lucky enough to see some of the world recently, and even luckier to have met some of the people with whom we share it. It may seem as though everybody is on their own path, their own selfish choice, but I don't believe this.. I believe we are all aware that we walk amongst the single greatest work of art known.

We must fear not when things become difficult, for we are destined for happiness, sadness, and everything in between. Everything we experience be it 'good' or 'bad', is part of the most incredible, emotional collage of life, and the world, and if we were to ignore this collectiveness we would be denying the rest of the world our contribution. 

I want to help you contribute to the collage, it's my 'something I love'.